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Tradition and Experience

Aerated concrete YTONG created 90 years ago in Sweden. This is a natural and warm, easy 

processed material used in residential and industrial construction sites.

Today Ytong is produced in for continents and seventeen countries. In making Ytong aerated

concrete blocks is used only natural materials: lime, sand, and water. This is environment-friendly


Effective thermal insulation

YTONG insulating properties are better than the standard set, and walls, build housing

these materials do not require any additional insulation. Thin layer of the mixture 

as a liking use of the substance does not appear to thermal bridges, thus reducing

construction costs and thermal energy savings by reducing heating costs.

Soft indoor climate

Millions of small pore walls gives YTONG active air change and ensures a constant and gentle

micro climate inside the building.

Equal building material from the basement to the roof

YTONG presents a wide range of materials that are resistant to compression, of all classes of bearing

power. This material can be applied to the construction of any building.

Good acoustic insulation

Walls of YTONG elements ensures  all the requirements of acoustic insulation.

Minor radiation emission 

As shown by tests carried out in countries where buildings are constructed from YTONG,

its radioactivity lower than other common building materials. It was found that YTONG

radioactivity is lower than the permissible limits.